why choose noah?

Because we’re a little obsessed with delivering customer value and making those first steps to starting something new feel closer, more exciting and importantly, cost you less.

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New endeavours need a Starter Kit and at Noah we’ve been developing a collection of curated boxes seriously packed with tried and tested, high quality items bundled together and delivered directly to your door, so the first steps are covered.

What’s in it for you?

A Box Packed Full of Goodness.

So we’ve told you about the fluffy Why Stuff, but what’s actually in a curated box from Noah? We focus on the essentials, those all important items you really can’t get started without, but don’t have the time or interest to source and purchase yourself. We sample and put each item through a rigorous test program and only the best make their way into our boxes, so you can be confident in a quality product.

We started with the Student Kit, packed with 70 essential items for those entering dorm life for the first time, and since then we’ve been expanding our Kits to cover more First Steps in life.


How we dot it

There’s No Magic Involved, Just Skipping the Boring Stuff.


We also spread positive Vibes

Noah Conscious Efforts

Giving back to community & nature

Increasing customer value shouldn’t come at the detriment of our planet and the people living in it, so at Noah we’ve started to make Conscious Efforts beyond the box to build a positive future. It also means when you buy a Kit, you too can feel a part of our mission.

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The Team

We’re small but our impact is big, thanks to our broad experience.


Knows the Answers
New Experiences Junkie


Carves the Way
Founder - CEO


Mixes the Best
Founder - COO


Brings the Salt
Head of Brand


Covers All Bases
Partnership Manager

Join Us?

Share your Talents.

no kit left out!

What are you starting tomorrow, next week, next month, or when the inspiration finally takes over? Would it be so much easier with all the essentials you needed packed in one box and a single delivery? Probably, so tell us your dream Starter Kit, no idea is too crazy we wanna hear them all.